The De Fazio Family Series of wines have been created as a doorway to the full range of flavoursome, traditionally made wines available from the De Fazio Vineyard.

The De Fazio family name has historical origins that can be traced back to the 4 BC in Genoa Northern Italy. The family name then found its way to Venice where it gained nobility and finally to the South of Italy where it is first linked with wine production. The three grape varieties produced for the Family Series; Shiraz, Grenache and Nero d’Avola reflect the varietals commonly found in the south of Italy. So, let’s raise a glass to the brave De Fazio pioneers, like my father who ventured far from home in search of new experiences.

When you try these wines we are sure you won’t stop at the door. You’ll step in and want to experience the entire De Fazio Vineyard range of elegant wines that are influenced by the ancient soils of the Greenock Hills where this branch of the De Fazio Family Tree has settled.